Pin-Dex Pin-Ups

The marijuana grow operations, the escorts and phone sex operators all exist in our neighborhoods but just out of sight. Vancouver has become world famous for its sex industry and marijuana cultivation, the impression of a more tolerant society. To the outside world, our culture offers a softer image of these traditional vices. In this series," Pin-Up Strips", I have juxtaposed 1950’s style Pin-Up photography with the form of today’s index cards, the kind included with processed film. With a glance, the index cards show the viewer all the photos of that roll of film. I am interested in the sequential placement of the images and the narrative that emerges when viewing the index card strip. Each index card provides a glamorized glimpse of hidden realities. The covers of pulp fiction novels and true crime magazines with pictures of busty women in peril hinted of a dark sinister underworld but titillated at the same time. With this series "Pin-Up Strips" I have chosen the Pin-Up as the guide to glimpse scenes of current underworld activities, usually unseen but clearly in our neighborhoods.

Bird Bath Red

Grow Home Invasion

Lip Service

Garden Of Weeden