Pot Pin Ups
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Marijuana Pin Ups

A collection of photographs which revisit the tradition of Pin-Up photography within a cannabis environment and in marijuana grow operations. Many of these images have been published in international magazines and exhibited in galleries globally. CBC radio 3 webzine presented Pin Ops as their feature artist profile. New York Magazine High Times commissioned a calendar and has used numerous images on their cover and in feature articles. Another calendar of Pot Pin Ups was created for London, UK publishers Street Hastle. The model in all the photographs is Vancouver Comic & Weed Diva Watermelon. All images are for sale and can  be purchased online  contact webmaster@mariacoletsis.com   

Cannabis Characters

Outdoor Naturals

sativasalute.jpg (54085 bytes)

Gallery 4

maryjane.jpg (31171 bytes)

Gallery 5

LucyonStairs.jpg (33113 bytes)

Gallery 6

The Bakery

Melon Girl

Outdoor H2o

Gallery 7

lilmisspuffet.jpg (58414 bytes)

Gallery 1

picniccenterfold.jpg (32250 bytes)

Gallery 2

herbalteatimeportrait.jpg (42984 bytes)

Gallery 3

2010 Outdoor

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