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Burlesque Dress is a collection of photographs taken in the backstage dressing room of a burlesque show, only moments before performance. The images capture a glimpse of the psyche out of getting ready to become someone else. The trance - like concentration of this process of change is what inspired these portraits. This series explores how we prepare ourselves-what we wear, what we listen to, where we dance and how we forget it all. The dressing room looks at how we socialize and reflects upon what we do to escape the daily routine. My work investigates female roles and the stereo types that are associated with representations of women. "Burlesque Dress" was  featured on the  CBC radio 3 webzine.


Jungle Costume

Dressing Room

Sitting Around

Body Dust

Fishnet Body

Frilly Skirt

Green Room

Group Glove

Paula Tatoo

Vinyl Maid

Solo Drink

Glitter Legs

Super Red


Paula Kick

Rosie Reflection

Lola Skirt Dress

Miss Kitty


Metro Press Review

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